Food Service

Our goal is to be a complete resource for our customers relating to distributor knowledge, market knowledge, connecting to the end user and ultimately, selling success. We are not the largest nor do we aspire to be. Our experienced team works both independently and with distributor sales forces to provide the optimum selling solution.

Trade Class Coverage

Our Segments of focus include:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Country Clubs
  • Airline Feeders
  • Caterer's
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial/Manufacturers
  • Colleges

Distributor Management

  • Our distributor coverage includes broad line, regional and local distributors.
  • We provide dynamic food show and distributor educational presentations to differentiate our products.
  • We team with our customers and clients to provide:
    • Headquarter management
    • Food show and sale meeting coordination
    • Distributor representative ride alongs

Culinary Expertise

  • Our sales staff includes two chefs and former restaurateurs.
  • Our sales team is extensively trained and experienced in product usage and application.
  • We have expertise in menu and recipe development and inspire with innovative recipes and presentations.