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Outstanding products deserve exceptional brokers to represent them in the market. With a sixty-year history of developing and building special brands, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. Combining your unique products with our specialized team and systems results in a powerful partnership.

Specializing in Exceptional

  • Our goal is to continuously update our system, processes and data packages to respond to the current needs of our clients. We engage in regular team education calls and attend trade show events so that our people are up to date and are positioned to give well-informed advice to our suppliers. We constantly update our knowledge of retailer and distributor systems in order to provide efficient paths to the market. 

  • Understanding and correctly utilizing customer systems and processes provides for a seamless relationship between our clients and customers. We add value to those relationships by staying as current as possible regarding customer systems. We also add additional value by being fully prepared for customer meetings and by sharing our knowledge of the market with our customers. 

  • The food market is very dynamic, with new items and trends constantly emerging. We strive to align our client portfolio with the market.

  • It is simple. We sample what we sell before we sell it. If we would not eat a product ourselves, we do not take on a line. We believe that good food always wins.

Sales and Program Execution

Personal Attention and Quick Responses

Deduction Management and Resolution

Supply Chain, Logistics, and Inventory Management

Sales Analytics

Administrative Excellence


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